Virtual Onboarding | PI Cognitive Assessment

over 2 years agoJune 15, 2020
Cognitive Ability, it sounds like we are measuring IQ. Cognitive ability is great but I think more importantly having an employee who strives to learn and work hard long term is more successful.  In the book Mindset by Carol Dweck it talks about people who think they are smart or cognitively superior and they may be but, the person who considers themselves  "smart" work to fulfill that definition. Compared tot the person who considers themselves a "hard worker", always puts forth the effort to go beyond smart. Yes, it may take them longer to get there but it is better to have a person who is open to growth and working hard compared to someone who avoids new challenges to only seem smart.
over 2 years agoJune 25, 2020
Thank you for creating this great overview video!  VERY HELPFUL.
This supports my reluctance to administer this test with our existing employees and now I'll be able to articulate the reason why it's not a good idea.  I appreciate the cautions and reminder that the test scores should be kept confidential and administered at the same point in the hiring process.
over 1 year agoJuly 19, 2021
I really appreciate the PI Cognitive Assessment for hiring determination. I'm really grateful for this because I can say that I do not have experience in the role that I originally applied for, however I was given the opportunity to interview for the job based off of the assessment alone.
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